Vice and Vice Supports

Here at Van Racking Solutions we want to ensure that you have a work van that provides you with all the tools you need to complete a job, which is why we offer a range of work van vices and vice supports.

Our range of vices and vice supports complete our range of van accessories that can be incorporated in to your van racking system to aid you whilst you work from your van; ideal for mobile engineers or builders.

Van Racking Solutions large variety of vices and vice supports in our range of van racking accessories from Syncro Systems are for all purposes and trades, ensuring that there is a vice for every van. Our innovative range includes the follow products all built to maximise the use of your vehicle vice:

  • vice supports
  • vice holders
  • vice mounts
  • sliding vice holders

All vices and vice supports from Syncro Systems are crafted from the highest quality welded or forged steel. Additionally, many of the vices available come with fitted pipe jaws, with some benefitting from a new rotating plate with a fast-locking lever.

At Van Racking Solutions, the vice supports available are:

  • A pull-out support built into the racking system which is perfect for lighter work.
  • For tougher work, we have two supports which fold down, both benefiting from an automatic locking mechanism for opening and closing, and the toughest of the three has an extendable leg to cope with the toughest of work.

Vice Holders

Our vice holders are available in a variety of styles to suit all van types. Our sliding vice holders have pre-drilled mounting plates to be securely fitted with most sliding vices for vans and swivel-base options. The extendable sliding vice holders come with automatic safety catches to ensure that you can safely turn your van into your very own workshop.

Our range also includes drop-down vice supports that they can be used irrespective of what van racking system you may have. However, if you want it to look its best, it incorporates perfectly into the Syncro System van racking system.

Vices at Van Racking Systems

Our vices are available in various sizes and heights to ensure that all vans can have the perfect van vice. Browse our shop or contact us for any assistance.