Underfloor Drawers





If you are looking for quality underfloor drawers for your van then do not hesitate to visit Van Racking Solutions today! With years of industry experience, our team can provide you with expert advice and designs to suit all your business requirements.

Your van is your workplace so it is important to try and make it as practical as possible. Our van racking drawers can help to expand and organise the storage in your van whilst also improving the time it takes for you to find necessary equipment. Because of this, we guarantee to help create a more efficient and profitable experience for your business.

Benefits of Our Van Racking Drawers

Utilising floor space means that more objects are secured while driving whilst still leaving room for larger cargo above. Fitting drawers for your van will allow you to store sharp tools and heavy objects more safely, ensuring to prevent any of your products from being damaged while driving. At Van Racking Solutions, we can help you work out what is the most suitable storage solution for you!
Our underfloor drawers provide a range of benefits and features. Some of these include:

  • Range of heights available
  • Mats and dividers are optional
  • Provided with an 800mm slide with 120kg carrying capacity
  • Double lateral locking mechanism
  • Floor loading capacity of 800kg
  • Height required is 230mm, leaving more than a meter for loading cargo
  • Short drawers' dimension 900mmx410mmx80mm
  • High drawers' dimension 900mmx410mmx160mm

Our Van Underfloor Drawers

We supply van racking drawers as part of the Syncro system. These are made out of lightweight metal material that can be filled with different sizes of drawers to suit your storage and van requirements. Utilising floor space as well as this can provide a simple way to maintain organisation whilst being able to lock away other tools and equipment safely.

To find out more about our van racking drawers, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable and friendly team on 01202 797230 today. We can provide complete solutions from design to installation!