Transparent Removable Drawers





Manufactured using the same material used for aircraft and submarine windows, the transparent removable drawers at Van Racking Solutions provide a durable and unbreakable storage solution for your van racking system.


Extremely Strong and Unbreakable Transparent Van Drawers

Our transparent removable drawers are perfect for those who use their van to store heavy tools, equipment and items which could break other weaker drawers. If the material can withstand high altitude and being in the depths of the sea, your equipment won’t be a challenge. You can optimise the space in your van, whilst continuing to use robust tools, with the superior plastic that is used.


Clear and Quality Transparent Drawers for your Van

Some plastics will turn yellow and fragile over time; this is because lower quality plastics are subject to the ageing phenomena caused by UVA radiation. However, our transparent removable drawers are manufactured from PMMA which isn’t sensitive to UVA radiation and therefore lasts longer and retains its strength.  By staying clear, the removable drawers allow you to see exactly where items are, making it simple and easy to find tools and equipment.

The transparent van drawers are made of a tougher, clearer and lighter plastics compared to other transparent plastics. So, unlike poorer quality transparent removable drawers, van racking’s Solutions drawers will last longer and withstand all types of equipment and material.


Van Drawers Perfect for Using with Chemicals

If you frequently work with chemicals using drawers made from PMMA is the best choice. PMMA is resistant to most common chemical products, therefore any spills or leakage won't cause damage to items stored within your transparent removable drawers. There is also the added benefit that PMMA is environmentally friendly. Our range of PMMA removable drawers keeps your van contents safe and drivers and passengers from chemical products that could fall out while driving with less stable storage solutions.


Transparent Removable Drawers at Van Racking Solutions

Van Racking Solutions can help you find the perfect van storage for your needs. We can provide and install a variety of drawers including standard van drawers, underfloor drawers and transparent removable drawer, as well as cupboards, panelling, shelving and more. Organising your work materials saves you time and increases your work output therefore get in contact with the team at Van Racking Solutions today for your ultimate van racking solution.