Van shelving can help you organise and store equipment and tools. By installing van shelving, you can optimise the full interior space of your van. Vans do not usually come equipped with a shelving system due to being used for a variety of tasks. So, if you need a van shelving system you need to buy them separately. They are beneficial for transporting goods and equipment safely.

Shelves for your Van

At Van Racking Solutions we can provide a range of different shelves for vans. The different shelving systems can help you find equipment easily by organising your items in a methodical way. This can save you time when working, so you can complete jobs more efficiently.

All our shelving and drawer units come with anti-slip mats weighing 85% less than conventional rubber mats. Get in contact to get your van shelving system today.


Shelving Units with Plastic Containers

The shelving for vans that we supply is manufactured from a plastic material, ensuring the shelving is strong and allows it to cope with various requirements needed of commercial van shelving. For example, heavy tools and goods will be better contained in a tough material that will not break. Other features of the van can supply and install include:

  • Shelving units can be supplied with plastic containers or alternatively, removable oil resistant polypropylene containers
  • Containers can be left on the shelf or removed and taken on-site
  • Offers a practical storage solution for fittings, spare parts, hardware items etc.
  • Six models available in the following widths: 21cm, 26cm, 31cm and 35cm


Shelving Units for Cannisters

When transporting liquid, you will need an effective shelving and storage solution to reduce the risk of spills. We offer shelving units with 10L fuel canisters with a spout that are manufactured from special high-density plastic, making them an ideal and effective solution for transporting oil, fuel and other liquids.


Shelving with Dividers and Matts

The van shelving system has a trapezoidal form with the front end lowered giving you greater access and the rear end raised which prevents the items and tools stored from falling on the floor. The oil-resistant rubber mat is provided as standard and to reduce overall weight the dividers are aluminium.

Thanks to the revolutionary “VIBRASTOP” system, which consists of plastic inserts that isolate the dividers from the unit, all vibrations are eliminated, reducing noise whilst the vehicle is in motion. The number of dividers which can be mounted varies from 1 to 12 depending on the length of the unit, your van specification and your personal requirements, however normally we supply 1 to 6 dividers.


Van Shelving Security

Having shelving for vans installed not only helps organise worker equipment and therefore increased day-to-day productivity, it also helps keep materials secure. By having each item in a specific place, it's easier to secure expensive tools in hard to access areas. When travelling it also reduces the risk of materials and other goods becoming damaged by falling tools.

Securing items also increase worker safety by protecting drivers and passengers from items being flung inside the van. Driving sometimes involves harsh braking and tight corners which can dislodge tools and materials which could be hazardous to individuals in the van if struck. A shelving unit in the van can cut the risk of this.