Plastic Tool Boxes

Plastic tool boxes are a brilliant addition to vans that need to store numerous small tools and objects such as screws and nails, which can easily be lost in transit. Here at Van Racking Solutions, we have Galaxy plastic cases, brought to you by Syncro that are the perfect storage solution for your small goods.


A Custom Plastic Tool Box

Metal tool cases are a great choice for heavier tools that need to be protected, however, plastic tool boxes are the ideal solution to effectively store your smaller components.

At Van Racking Solutions, you can personalise a plastic tool box to be tailored to your specific needs. Our plastic tool boxes can come with a number of compartments that you desire in various shapes and sizes with colours corresponding to each size. Once you’ve purchased the compartments for your tools, you can change your setup if your requirements change as the partitions are interchangeable and can be moved around freely, ensuring that you can design a personalised plastic tool box specifically for you.


Features of our Plastic Tool Boxes

Storing small, loose items couldn’t be easier than with our plastic tool boxes. Once you open a bag of screws, nails or bolts, it’s all too easy to lose them as they can fall through the opening. With a plastic tool box, you can store all these items in one place without getting them mixed up.

Each compartment is partitioned off to separate all the items from each other. Furthermore, the plastic top is transparent, allowing you to see where each set of items are located. Additionally, our plastic tool boxes are designed with a modern look in mind, ensuring that they look smart in your van.

Our plastic tool boxes are specially designed with you in mind and include features such as:

  • A round truncated cone shape
  • Oil-resistant plastic
  • Rounded design to minimise the impact of bumps and the risk of breakages
  • The interiors have been equipped with slots for metal dividers and or plastic cases


Easy Storage and Usage

By using a variety of our plastic tool boxes, storing and using your goods couldn’t be easier!

Our tool boxes can be placed either horizontally or vertically, ensuring that there will be a place for them anywhere within your van racking system. If you don’t have a van racking system installed in your van, then you can still effectively store a number of plastic tool boxes as they are stackable! You can safely stack many of our plastic tool boxes in your van and easily access the items you require when you need them. Furthermore, the tool boxes have an attached handle, meaning that you can take a whole box on-site with you.


If you need assistance in configuring a plastic tool box, then Van Racking Solutions is here to help; call us on 01202 797230 and a friendly specialist will assist you.