If you have a van that is used to transport goods or has become your mobile workshop, then it will be prone to damage. This is due to your tools and goods making dents in the van if they are loose in transit. The best way to prevent your van from getting damaged is to install van panelling (also known as van lining).


Why Install Van Panelling?

Van panelling is the best way to prevent accidental dents to your van from the inside to the outside. Over time, the dents, scrapes and bumps inside your van will begin to show externally, reducing the visual appeal of your van; panelling can help keep your van looking new for longer. Additionally, by having van panelling installed within your van, it has been proven to extend the life of your van, saving you money in the long term.


Van Panelling at Van Racking Solutions

Here at Van Racking Solutions, we are specialists when it comes to optimising the use of your van, and this includes being able to supply and install a van panelling system.

When you get your van panelling system through us, all side-lining including lining for rear doors are pre-cut and pre-drilled, ensuring quick and easy installation of your panelling without damaging your van in the process.

Depending on your van type, van load and the types of goods that will be transported in your van, several different materials can be used to create the panelling of your van.


Pre-Painted Sheet Metal Panelling

Our pre-painted sheet metal panelling is one of the strongest materials used to create panelling and is ideal for vans that have heavy objects or for those that transport chemicals. This is due to its excellent mechanical strength and resistance to corrosion, thanks to the double layer of protective paint, in addition to zinc plating treatments on the external surface and the zinc plating on the internal surface. The metal sheets are available in 0.8mm gauge sheets and are electro-zinc plated on both sides. To make this hard-wearing metal panelling add visual appeal to your van, we pre-paint the sheets with a grey finish.


Honeycomb Polypropylene Panelling

Our plastic van panelling option is a great choice if your van is used as a food van. The honeycomb polypropylene panelling is lightweight, 4mm thick and has sufficient mechanical properties and impact strength to protect your van from the typical damage that occurs in the catering industry. The material is non-toxic to humans; therefore, it passes the EU regulations for being safe to use in contact with food.


Anodised Aluminium Panelling

Anodised aluminium panelling is the perfect choice for smaller vans with a lighter load capacity as aluminium linings are on average, 30% lighter than pre-painted sheet metal panelling. However, even though it’s thin and light in nature, the 1 or 2mm gauge hard alloy provides greater protection to your van compared to conventional crude aluminium.

Our aluminium panelling also provides great aesthetic appeal, creating an overall great appearance for the interior of your van, making it the sure choice for vans that are seen by others. Furthermore, the anodised surface is easy to clean, making it useful for vans that see lots of spillages or mess.


Every van deserves to have panelling installed; get in touch with Van Racking Solutions today and we’ll provide you with a free no-obligation quote for van panelling perfect for your van and industry.