Van Racking Solutions can offer you the perfect solution to store all your tools, including power tools, testing equipment and screws. Our metal tool cases are perfect for any workman’s needs as they provide you with effective and superior organisation for all your tools, keeping them safe from damage, theft and getting lost.


The Importance of Metal Tool Cases

One of the hardest things to keep on top of in your working van is your tools. Too many times can you turn up to a site missing a vital tool or discover that it may have been damaged in transit and you need to get a replacement before you can start work. Furthermore, screws, fixtures and fittings can easily get mixed up with one another if they are stored incorrectly. The metal tool cases at Van Racking Solutions can improve your working performance as you will always have the right tools for the job and know exactly where to find them.


Metal Tool Cases at Van Racking Solutions

No mobile workman has the same needs as another as your trade, van and personal preferences will differ, therefore, there needs to be an extensive range of metal tool cases to ensure that everyone can have the perfect metal tool case for their van. Here at Van Racking Solutions, we use a Syncro modular system, which means that we can customise the sizes of products to ensure that they can integrate seamlessly within your van racking system.

Our metal tool cases are available in various widths, depths and lengths to be the optimal storage solution for your range of tools. Additionally, each metal tool case is accompanied with modular containers that can house each tool separately, preventing them from getting mixed up.

A great feature of our metal tool cases is that they can be part of a van drawer system by going into the carcass in place of a drawer. You can pull out the metal tool case and remove the tools that you need. Alternatively, the metal tool cases can be completely removed from the carcass and carried on-site with you like a briefcase, so you can access your tools from anywhere.


Features of Metal Tool Cases at Van Racking Solutions

Here at Van Racking Solutions, our tool cases are manufactured using metal as it can withstand a large weight, so you’re not limited on what tools you can store. We believe in the highest standards of quality; therefore, all our metal tool cases will feature:

  • A foam lid insert to prevent tools and hardware items getting mixed up (1)Metal Tool Cases
  • A thermosetting powder coating to ensure your tool case has a beautiful finish (2)
  • Made from 0.8/0.9 sheet metal (4)
  • Rounded and shaped corners to prevent handling injuries (3)
  • A safety clasp to prevent accidental opening (5)
  • A robust plastic handle that can support the weight of your tools (6)
  • A choice of nine modular containers in sizes that suit your needs which can be arranged as required (7)


All our metal tool cases are built from quality materials and made to stand the test of time, providing you with a long shelf life.


Van Racking Solutions has all the tool cases that you could ever need for your working van. Get in touch with us on 01202 797230 and we’ll supply you with the right metal tool cases for your van and trade.