Lockers for vans provide storage for a mixture of goods and materials. By locking away items in lockers it leaves more room for other cargo and commodities. Another feature of a Synchro van locker is the double doors which minimises the space used when the doors are open. This leaves more places for other loads to be put.

Van Racking Solution can install the van lockers that are perfect for you. The high strength of the steel and aluminium used reduces the weight of the lockers. This makes it a great addition to commercial vans that are already heavy due to tools and material. 


Lockers with Shelves

The lockers can also be fitted with shelves and a cloths bar on higher models, for storage of specific items. The upper part on taller models is tapered to better fit the contours of the van. By adding shelves inside lockers, the space available to store items is increased. It also adds levels at which to store items, making awkwardly shaped items easier to store. 


Lockers for Security

Van lockers are beneficial for those looking to make it easier to find tools and materials. However, it can also help to secure high value tools and protect items from damage during transit. This is a high priority for those who rely on tools and materials for their business.

Lockers also allow you to double the security of expensive tools and materials. When leaving the items overnight you have the option to add locks to the lockers, adding to the security of your items. Items stored away in van lockers will also be protected from falling and from other moving objects which could cause costly damage.  


Other Storage Options

Lockers in vans can be combined with other storage solutions to create an organised means of storing tools. For instance, Van Racking Solutions can also provide shelves and drawers to install in your van lockers, creating the ultimate storage solution for your van.