The floor is an important component of your van as it’s easy to scratch, dent and damage the floor of your van in transit. Van manufacturers usually don’t provide damage and slip-resistant flooring, meaning that it’s strongly advised you get a wooden or an aluminium flooring installed to prevent damage to your van, ultimately increasing its life and saving you money.

Here at Van Racking Solutions, we supply superior van flooring manufactured from plywood and aluminium, providing you with a strong and durable floor for your van. We also ensure that all our Syncro floors are ready for installation from the moment you purchase your new van flooring, therefore, you can enjoy the benefits right away.


Resin Finish Plywood Van Flooring

Resin finish plywood floors are great for many van types as they’re light and durable. The plywood which is used for the floor, wheel housing covers, and the partitions is birch plywood, which consists of several layers of wood bonded together with non-hygroscopic phenolic adhesives, adding to its strength. To put this into perspective, this wood is also used in boats and sailing yachts because of its waterproof properties. Birch plywood is a great choice for floors of vans as the wood is resistant to rain, oil spills, petrol spills and spillages associated with the catering industry, making it ideal for many different trades using a work van.

Plywood has excellent weight to strength ratio, making it extremely lightweight and one of the best materials to use for van flooring. Furthermore, the top and bottom surfaces of the wood are coated with a hard and thick phenolic film that provides high friction properties and resistance against abrasion and wear. The phenolic film is non-toxic, easy to clean and has a fire-resistance grade.


Aluminium Chequered Plate Van Flooring

This flooring is the perfect floor for vans used as a personal workshop. The floors, wheel housing covers, and the partitions are produced in 2mm and 1.8mm embossed aluminium chequered plate. This is a hard-annealed alloy with high hardness and mechanical strength properties compared to crude aluminium, meaning that it offers superior protection at a limited weight. The chequered layer ensures that it’s slip-resistant, even when wet and is perfect underneath heavy machinery and equipment.


New Marble Finish Van Flooring

To provide the best flooring for your van, we have a new superior flooring made from the same excellent materials but now with a grey marble finish! This new material offers greater non-slip properties and is more resistant to scratches. Additionally, it provides a brighter space, making it more inviting to prospect customers and is easier to clean as there are no hollows where dirt can accumulate. 


A Perfect Flooring for your Van

Nearly all vans are supplied with ribbed sheet metal flooring as standard, making the floor uneven. If you were to put a floor on top, this too would be uneven, creating unstable loading for your van racking system. To ensure that you have a perfectly smooth floor, all our Syncro flooring options come with pre-cut wooden spacers that are attached underneath the floor panels before the installation. With our flush flooring, you can safely load your cargo that won’t bend or warp over time.

Our Syncro floors also feature recessed cups for anchor rings. These rings allow you to secure precious cargo with ropes and straps to stop them from moving. If you don’t need to use them, the anchor rings lie flush with the floor, giving you a flat surface to load cargo smoothly on top.


Our van floors are perfect for all sizes and brands of vans. The team at Van Racking Solutions can supply and install your new flooring; get in touch with us for more information on our van flooring products.