Drawers are an excellent component to incorporate into any kind of storage system or room, especially when used within a van racking system. Here at Van Racking Solutions, we have an extensive range of van drawer systems including Syncro drawer units, drawer units with toolboxes, combination drawer units and drawer units with drawers.

Van Racking Drawers to Suit your Van

Van Racking Solutions is proud to offer the Syncro modular system, allowing you to have a variety of products and sizes to complete your van racking system. One of the Syncro system products that we have available is the Syncro drawer units. Syncro drawer units are incredible van drawer systems that consist of a lightweight metal carcase that can be fitted with as many or as little drawers that you desire with various sizes to accommodate your needs. On our 507mm and 1014mm wide drawer carcases, you can replace the drawers for tool trays if you want a system to effectively store your tools.

All Syncro van drawer systems are mounted on telescopic ball guides allowing the drawers to be pulled out further than the actual depth of the unit, providing complete access to your tools.

Safety Drawers for You and your Tools

To help utilise the space you have available in your van, the Syncro van drawer units come with a flush handle, leaving them free from protruding parts, making your van safer and leaving more room for your other van racking components.

To ensure the safety of your tools and materials, all drawer units are provided with an automatic dual locking system. Once the drawer has been pushed back, it automatically locks in the closed position; your drawers won’t slide out when driving around a sharp turn, keeping all your goods safely inside.

Drawer Units for your Toolboxes





If you’re looking for van drawer storage systems, then our drawer units with toolboxes are an excellent addition to your van racking system. The drawer units are available in widths of 507mm and 1014mm and are designed for stowing away Syncro toolboxes. Accessing your tools couldn’t be easier; you can simply pull them out like a drawer and access your tools or remove the tray completely and take all your tools on site with you.

A Complete Van Drawer System





Many workmen will have a variety of tools and materials that need to be effectively stored. With many tools and a small van, it can be inefficient to have several different van drawer systems in place. Here at Van Racking Solutions, we have combination van drawer units available; these can combine both van drawers and toolboxes into one system, giving you complete control over how you store your goods. Additionally, our drawers are available in a combination of 6 different lengths and heights, allowing you to have the perfect mix of drawers and toolboxes.






Discreet Underfloor Drawers

To make the most out of your van drawers’ storage system, underfloor drawers can be incorporated into your van. These drawers are available in 2 different sizes with an amazing carrying capacity of up to 120kg! Meaning that you can store all your large and valuable goods within your discreet underfloor drawers, reducing the chance of theft and giving you more space in your van.


Van racking drawers are a must-have for all van racking systems as they can effectively store tools and paperwork to help you keep organised. Do not hesitate to get in touch with Van Racking Solutions on 01202 797230 if you require more information on our selection of van drawers.