Drawer unit with transparent tilt boxes 1.014x161x110 mm with 8 tilt boxes

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Product Description
Drawer unit mm 1.014x110x161 with 8 transparent removable drawers

ARM/4835 BARALL1250 BARALL1500 BARALL500 BARALL750 CIN/25 CIN/25C CIN/25CG CIN2/25C CIN5/25CG CP20/3631S F12031F F6035F F7231F GVV14.H1.PAD GVV14.H1.PAS KIT-GNBBAR LRINF PB20/0800-31 PB20/31 PBL PC250E PV20/35 SLL105 VL20/31 VL20/31F VL20/35 VT20/31F VV14.L1/MR XMS20236KPC23

Technical Specifications
Weight : 5.22 kg