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Slide Outs & Platforms image If you need to carry heavy equipment or machinery in your vehicle then our range of Syncro Slide out platforms could be just what you require. There are two models available with a static weight capacity of up to 250KG both models have an automatic locking system which locks the slide in either the open or closed position plus a sturdy handle of ease of use.
We often get asked by our customers for a solution to storing and working with heavy equipment that is a necessity to have in their vehicles.
Our range of Slide Out Platforms are often what we recommend, they are manufactured to a very high standard and built to provide support for heavy equipment. As the product name would suggest they are designed to "Slide Out" out of the vehicle when in use and slide back in when not - no more having to man handle things like Generators, Compressors, Cutting machines and saws to name but a few!
Sliding platforms can be an extremely useful way of maximising the way you use the space available in a pick up or small van in this section of our website you will be able to view the range of sliding platforms we have in the range. The platforms are essentially a frame that is only 100mm deep and fixes to the floor of your vehicle the clever construction then slides out of the rear of your van or pickup. Depending on the type of application you would like a platform for we have some customers who fix a tool chest or similar, others equipment and some who use it as a work platform. You will need to also purchase a cut to size worktop but please do request a quotation from us for this.