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Racking Units image A selection of Syncro Ultra Racking units that can either be designed into a Syncro Ultra racking design or can be used as a standalone unit to compliment an existing set up.
Side Access Drawer Units
A range of units are available with either two, three or four drawers with height options depending on the model chosen. Each drawer unit is supplied with removable mats and dividers making it easy to create individual storage areas.
Transparent Tilt Bin Units
A range of small units featuring Transparent Tilting bins so you can see what stock you have without having to open the unit,just tilt to the open position to pick out the items required.
There are two different depths available and you can select between two and up to ten tilt bins per unit.
Compact Tilting Bin Unit
These units are just 110mm deep so perfect for fitting on the end of your racking and superb for storing easy to lose small parts. chose from either four or six storage units.
Transparent Drawer Units
These flexible units are frequently requested by customers who are having a full racking design prepared for them by our design team, however they can also be used as a standalone item to compliment what you already have in your vehicle. Each individual unit listed has details of the number and size of drawers in each unit alongside the number of dividers included.
The unit that contains the transparent plastic drawers is manufactured from steel, each drawer has an automatic locking button and cannot be opened accidentally. The front of each drawer has been designed flush with the unit therefore there are no protruding handles or catches to worry about. Each drawer can though be removed easily just by tilting it if required to restock or take away from the vehicle and on to site if needed.