Pull-Out Vice Support System15 Products

Pull-Out Vice Support System image A vice pull out system is incorporated within a Syncro racking design, sometimes referred to as a “slide out” it is a really useful piece of kit and provides a sturdy and stable work platform for a vice.
The body of the pull out is manufactured from high strength steel and the work surface from marble effect birch ply and stainless steel. When the pull out is extended it is simply and quickly locked off and you have a very stable work platform to fix a vice too This enables you to work safely from outside the vehicle, if you choose a rotating vice and plate you can work on long lengths of material with ease. Once the job complete it is quick and easy to slide the support back into position, the protective panel ensures the end panel of your Syncro racking is protected.
Please view the range of vices available for your pull out vice support platform, customers often comment they don’t know how they previously managed without one!
As this item is built into a Syncro Racking design please call us on 01202 797230 or email us at enquiries@vrs.ltd for further information