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Garment Hanging image Travelling with clothing items in a van has always been a bit of a struggle, no matter how careful you are they are always going to look a bit worse for wear if not secured for travelling correctly.
We are often approached by customers who need to carry significant quantities of clothing in a vehicle, that can be anything from a professional laundry or ironing delivery service to a clothing designer who needs to transport a collection to a show or photo shoot.
The solution is to invest in a Garment hanging system which is flexible and cost effective, this is achieved by using a combination of support rails that are fixed internally to the van walls and provide the suppport for the hanging rails that go across the van. If you need to remove the rails to return your vehicle to normal use then it is simple to remove the Garment rails and your vans load space is clear.
You will find all the equipment you need in this part of our online store.