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Cargo Rail & Securing Straps image Securing Cargo in your vehicle not only saves you time and space but it also ensures that whatever you are carrying is secured safely and minimises the risk of damage in transit.
We stock a wide range of different types of Cargo track and rail alongside a comprehensive selection of load restraining straps. Syncro Systems also offer some specialist products for securing items in your van including an innovative vertical pole system which is ideal for Trades people who need to carry large bulky items but also need a flexible system enabling them to retain the load space inside their vehicles.
Cargo Track
ROTM Cargo track is available in a variety of lengths this Galvanised Steel track has a maximum load capacity of 4000KG and is commonly used in HGV vehicles
BARALL is a load securing bar system and when used in conjunction with the available range of straps provides a very flexible way to secure items in your van
Airline Profile Aluminium Track
Available in three different profiles, Rounded, Square Shaped and T Shaped works – fit to floor or sides of your van there is an extensive range of straps to compliment the range.
Aluminium Milled Rail
Designed specifically to compliment Syncro Ultra racking, designed to attach to the drilled perforated holes in your racking via a square headed screw and can be fitted to either Ultra front or side panels
Securing Straps
Securing straps compliment your chosen securing system and are available with Ratchet or Buckle in a wide variety of end fixings in different lengths – please see each individual product.
All of our Cargo securing products comply with European Standard DIN EN 12 195-2