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Cargo bars & integrated track image Our range of Cargo bars and integrated track is comprehensive to enable you to find the solution that works best for whatever you are carrying in your vehicle. In this section you will find our ROTAL track there are three different types of track to choose from all with an Airline profile - standard ROTAL has rounded edges ROTAL- INC is square shaped and ROTAL-INT is T Shaped. The Aluminium track is available in a variety of lengths. We have also included in this section a new product especially designed to complement Syncro Ultra racking systems which is lengths of Aluminium Milled Rail (code begins with AAT) this product has a special square headed screw on the back which integrates with the perforations on the panels of Syncro Ultra racking; this enables the end panels of a racking design to be utilised for securing items helping you to make the most of what can often be dead space. We have a wide variety of straps in this section all specifically designed with the correct fixings for the ROTAL and milled rail products in this section