Ford Transit Custom Racking

Being the mid-sized model within the Transit range, tradesmen across the UK benefit from the following:

  • Incredible fuel economy
  • Hardy interior that can handle every day work
  • Designed for comfort and practicality

One of the most useful features in the Ford Transit Custom comes in the form of a flip up panel that allows you to store items up to 3 metres long. This allows you to store large valuables inside the van instead of storing them in the van. Depending on your preference and needs the Transit Custom can come in either a short or long wheel base, the payload provided ranges from 643kg to 1507kg.

Why should you install van racking?

There are multiple reasons and benefits for installing a racking system, we cover this in detail on our top 5 reasons to install a van racking system. Specifically for a Transit Custom you would be looking at a simple and cost effective option that allows you to store more tools and materials for jobs.

All of our racking systems are modular which allows them to be essentially made to fit within your van for optimal usage of available space and if need be can simply be transferred to future vans which further helps spread the cost, our workshop in Wimborne can provide you with a stress-free fitting service that fits around your schedule.

Not only is there the practical side of installing a racking system but there are also many professional benefits to having one, such as:

  • First impressions are crucial
  • A tidy and organised van will portray the right image to your customers
  • Improve your efficiency which will save you time, when searching for something that you require for a job
  • Organised storage of tools and materials helps to protect them
  • Efficient storage might actually allow you to downgrade your van which can save you, even more money
  • Van racking can not only protect the tools but also the inside of your van from internal denting and damage to the bodywork from any unsecured loads, this will generally provide you with a higher resale value.
  • Van storage provides you with a convenient and safe method of accessing tools and materials which could prevent minor injuries while out on a job
  • Any loose cargo inside your van poses a potential safety risk, our van racking systems improve the security of any loose materials to help improve the overall safety of your vehicle

Our products also cater for anyone who wishes to install the van racking system for themselves, you can simply contact us and provide all relevant details of your needs and vehicle and we will do all of the legwork.